Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flower Girls and Flower Gardens

I have been busy busy busy in my sewing room lately making so many things. I'm seriously loving the fact that I have five nieces now and a nephew (and another on the way which will be a surprise). I find myself buried in ideas of toys I can make, cute purses, clothes, etc.
First however, as I am a bit behind on my wedding gifts, I am making these little dolls for my nieces for being flower girls in my wedding. I used this pattern and it went together so quickly! These two are off to China in a few weeks...
Two done, three to go! I made their dress and stockings out of leftover fabric from the flower girl dresses:

I also pulled out my Flower Garden quilt again and have been working away at it. Maybe someday I will finish it. It's such a relaxing thing to stitch on in the evening.
How is your week going?
♥ Anna Kristine


  1. Those dollies are so sweet!

    Your flower garden quilt is so beautiful! I got mine out the other day. I need to make a bunch of muslin hexagons now that I used all the ones I had made.

    1. I am going to need to make more muslin hexagons soon too! Only a few left!

  2. Adore those dollies! I need to make some for Gwen I think. ; ) and how fun to have them match their pretty flower girl dressed. Your quilt is lovely, must admit I find quilts a bit intimidating. : P

    1. Thanks AnnaMae! You should definitely make some for Gwen! I think it would be fun to make little clothes for them too!


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