Monday, December 5, 2011

Sheldon The Turtle

I'm finally getting settled in after our big move and I've have been getting my Etsy shop going again as well as starting on Christmas presents! Here is one Christmas present I can share early because I don't have to worry about the recipient seeing it as he's 1 year old and doesn't read my blog. ;)
I made my nephew a turtle!

I had a lot of fun making this little guy! I learned a lot in the process as well. I'm hoping to get 3 more done by Christmas for some of my nieces.
Have you been making anything for Christmas yet?
~Anna Kristine


  1. He's adorable! I love the blue shell!

    Yes, I love Christmas crafting! It's so festive. :o)

  2. That is the coolest turtle I have ever seen in my life.

  3. Oh my! He is SOOO cute Anna! :)



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