Wednesday, November 17, 2010

under the weather...

I've got the beginnings of a little cold I'm drinking lots of tea with honey as the 'doctor' ordered in my special favorite mug.

Can I just tell you a little bit about this mug? My friend Sharayah gave it to me as a 'prayer mug' when she went to Africa so every time I drank something out of it I would remember to pray for her. However, some one always pulled it off the shelf before I got a chance to use it so I would tell them they had to pray for her if they continued to use it. But all the while something was growing inside me...this possessive feeling about MY mug. I mean, I know it's just a coffee different than any does the SAME EXACT THING as every other holds liquid. You drink the liquid from it. So what's the big deal? Who cares what mug I drink my tea out of? But you see...this one is MINE. This one is pretty. It has a nice shape, I like the way it curves and fits in my hands and the feel of the bone china and the swirly heart pattern. And when some one else grabs it off the shelf and fills it with coffee (oh the horror) I get this wicked feeling of selfishness (much like a preschooler) in which I want to tell them they can't use that mug because it's MINE and to get their own mug. (who's idea was it anyway that sharing is more fun?)
So there you have it. The confession of my mug possession. Do I need to work on this possessive nature that is bursting forth from my inner self? Probably. But for now I have my mug in my own hands and I feel quite happy. So I'll worry about it another day.

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  1. Oh you silly dear girl! I miss you! You know what? When I wrote miss I actually wrote kiss first. Ha! Sorry I missed your call today. I'll try and call you tomorrow if my phone doesn't die. I can't find my charger!!

    I hope you are feeling better. Everyone over here has colds too. :(
    Love you!


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