Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One hour down...

Let me tell you, sitting down to sew after moving isn't easy. It's not so simple as sitting down to sew. After spending nearly an hour running around trying to get my sewing machine back in working order and finding all my supplies, I finally was able to make this pencil case, which not only makes me very happy but also completes my first hour of Sew 12 for the month of May. Only 11 more hours to go! :)

I still have this cute apple corduroy and flowered flannel left over from a baby jumper I made a few years ago. I thought it would be a cute little bag for pens or make up. :)

As I'm currently unemployed I put this little thing in my shop. But it sure is cute...I kinda want to keep it. ;) But there's still more


  1. Aha! I found you. You didn't tell us you bad girl!

    Your blog is so very lovely and I miss you like...the sun misses the flower... ;)

    That pencil case is so cute!


  2. Ah, NOW I see the "I'm moving post". Got lost in the shuffle when we were gone I guess. I owe you an apology. I guess you are not as bad as I said you were. ;)

    Love you,

  3. This is darling! I wish I had the confidence to do stuff like this with zippers. zippers intimidate me.


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